Module Two Discussion Part 1

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PAD 3113 Module Two Discussion Part 1

  1. Locate and summarize an article related to concepts of this module’s submission box assignment(s) and POST ON THE DISCUSSION BOARD. Discuss your article in relation to the reading (in 100 words) and cite the source of your article using APA format. (This article is NOT required to be a scholarly article however you must provide the article’s citation.)
  2. Respond to the other student’s article summarizations with your opinion of their articles in 50 words for each summarization. Responses such as, “I agree” or “Good idea” are not acceptable and will receive no credit. The response must add to the scholarly dialogue presenting the reasons for your opinion and supporting documentation cited.

The exchange of ideas between students regarding a colleague’s article is a key aspect of on-line learning. Since late postings do not add to dialogue between students, they will not be accepted as participation. Responses to fellow student’s articles and discussions are to be in depth.

Peer 1 Ad

To determine the type of leader oneself is, an individual is able to follow a few models to help them figure that out. The Contingency Model, which was developed by Fiedler, uses one’s LPC, or Least-Preferred Coworker, to determine if he or she is a high or low LPC-leader. Low LPC-leaders are task-oriented leaders. High LPC-leaders are relationship-oriented leaders. The model uses a 1-7 scale based on characteristics of the LPC. After completing the scale, one must then use the situational favorableness model which identifies key situations and then one determines how they would act in each scenario. Once completed, a chart identified in the article will help identify the type of leader he or she is, whether it be task oriented or relationship oriented (

Mind Tools Content Team By the Mind Tools Content Team. (n.d.). Fiedler’s Contingency Model: Matching Leadership Style to a Situation. Retrieved from Fiedler Contingency Model was,is based on the situation.

Part 2-Module Two Essay Assignment put this on a separate word doc alone APA format but no header or title page


  1. After reading Chapter Three answer the following questions in 40 words each.
  2. “Do you think leadership style is fixed and unchangeable or can leaders be flexible and adaptable with respect to style? Why?”

b.“Compare Fielder’s contingency model with the path-goal theory. What are the similarities and differences? Which do you prefer”

  1. After reading Chapter Four answer the following questions in 40 words each.
  2. “From Leader’s Self-Insight 4.3, identify four or five values (instrumental or end values) that could be a source of conflict between leaders and followers. Explain.”
  3. “How can a leader use an understanding of brain dominance to improve the functioning of the organization?”
  4. “Why do you think thinking and judging are the two characteristics from the Myers-Briggs type Indicator that seem to be most strongly associated with effective leadership?”


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