Module 6 Discussions

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Lesson 9

Modernism III: Poetry

Cummings “Cambridge Ladies” (D611)

Cummings, “next to god…” (D612)

Stevens, “Sunday Morning” (D273-76)

H.D., “Leda” (D333), “Helen” (D335)

Williams, “The Red Wheelbarrow” (D288), “Spring & All” (D286)

Frost, “Mending Wall” (D220-21); “Stopping By Woods” (D233-34)


Choose one of the poems for this lesson’s readings. Evaluate the poet’s stylistic methods according to the central criteria we noted for modernist poetry (i.e. fragmentation, juxtaposition, allusion). How does your poem’s use of OR lack of these elements change the readability of this work, as compared to The Waste Land or Hugh Selwyn MauberlySTRONG OPENING THESIS, DEVELOPMENT (500 words), SUPPORT (quotations), OBJECTIVE TONE (No “I” or “we”)


Lesson 10

African-American Lit III: The Harlem Renaissance

Locke, The New Negro CLICK HERE: Locke-The New Negro.pdf


Read Locke’s “The New Negro” and apply his criteria for Harlem Renaissance writing to one work from the other readings. In what ways does the selection you chose convey the ideas in Locke’s definition? STRONG OPENING THESIS, DEVELOPMENT (500 words), SUPPORT (quotations), OBJECTIVE TONE (No “I” or “we”)


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