Modernsynthessis Assignment

Assignment 1: Modernsynthessis

Of all the players, Dobzhansky, Mayr, Simpson, and Stebbins are considered the four fathers of the MS. Reserved Simpson and aggressive Mayr in particular made an amazing team in promoting and establishing the MS.

To learn more about the botanist and the MS in general, read G. Ledyard Stebbins, Jr. and the Evolutionary Synthesis (1924-1950) What did you find interesting about this paper? What would you have done if, as a graduate student, you were faced with the same situations Stebbins was?

Assignment 2

Every successful new Scientific movement has had strong personalities behind them. While the MS had four (and others!), Ernst Mayr can easily be considered Darwin’s Bulldog of our time.

To pay tribute to the most passionate, influential, and accomplished Evolutionary Biologist of the 20th Century, read Ernst Mayr and the Origin of Species, Ernst Mayr and Evolutionary Biology, Darwin’s Current Bulldog, The Importance of Being Ernst, and Ernst Mayr (1904-2005). What did you find interesting about this MS founder? The biological species concept emerges during the MS. Mayr receives credit for it, but who came up with it first?

Assignment 3: 

A student of Dobzhansky, Francisco Ayala wrote an excellent review article back in 1978. As a jumping off point, read Mechanisms of Evolution. What did you find interesting about this paper?

Assignent 4: Modernsynthessis

Considered trivial, Silent Mutations have recently gained status. For a better understanding, read The Price of Silent Mutations. What did you find interesting about this paper?

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