Medicine and Health

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Using the material covered in this course:

Students will complete a comprehensive case study on a neonatal/pediatric respiratory client. The purpose of this case is to test the knowledge of the respiratory care student’s ability to critically think and perform in the emergency care of a neonatal/pediatric patient.
Comment on the appropriateness of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. This assignment should be well-constructed, complete and concise. The reader should be able to build a coherent picture of the patient’s problems in his/her mind, as the case study unfolds.

Write a case report base on one of the two scenarios provided below.
Each student must submit a case study. This is not a group activity.

Report must be 3 to 4 pages long, in paragraph form, time new roman, size 11 font, double spaced. Margins should be set at no greater than 1”. Include an additional cover page with the following information:
• A title.
• Your name, class information and date of report should follow several lines later.
• an additional page for references in AMA citation style. See:

You will be graded on your application of respiratory care skills into the treatments and interventions. Support you presentation with references from the literature on the disease process and the AARC CPG. Always use citations for information that you learned from a book or article. See the grading rubric posted in moodle.
Your sources must be journals, periodicals, and textual references. Make sure you support your ideas with facts and figures.
OPTIONAL APPENDIX (does not count in the pages required)
All charts, visuals and other related items must be placed here (no charts in the body of the report please) and referenced in the report.

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