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Proposal Assignment
Short Report Assignment Due: Sunday, November 12
Proposal Assignment Due: Wednesday, December 13
For this assignment you will be preparing a proposal document to argue for a solution. This
should be approached as an unsolicited proposal, meaning you will have to convince the reader
that they have a problem that needs fixed, and you have the best solution for their problem. You
have your choice of putting together an internal proposal (to someone in your company-can be
made up), or an external proposal (to the school or your community), or an external sales
proposal (to persuade someone to purchase your product). By
Sunday, November 12, you will
submit a short report that basically outlines the topic and type of proposal you will be doing, an
overview of your intended audience, as well as your research plan.
Some ways to approach this assignment are:
1.) Do you see a problem with your place of work and have a solution?
2.) Do you see a problem at the school and have a solution?
3.) Do you see a problem in your community and have a solution?
4.) Or you can also approach this as a grant proposal. Let’s say someone has $50,000 to
donate. What should be done with it?
5.) You can also come up with your own idea/way to approach this proposal. Do you
have a product/idea to sell?
Keep in mind that you will need to include most, if not all, of the following sections in your
proposal: (1) The Purpose/Introduction, (2) The Problem, (3) The Solution or Plan / Description
of the Proposed Product or Service, (4) Timetable, (5) Costs, (6) Qualifications of Your
Company (if external), (7) The Conclusion.
The proposal can be a mixture of improvised/created data along with carefully researched
information. You do not need to include a Works Cited page for this assignment, but make sure
you provide proper credit within the document if you cite anything from a source. Page layout
and visuals will play an important role in getting your proposal noticed, so make careful choices
when organizing your topics, and try to use a variety of visuals.
The proposal will need to be about
5-6 pages, just make sure that you provide the information
necessary to complete an effective proposal. Remember to include page numbers. As for
formatting, you will use a memo format for an internal proposal or a letter format for an external
proposal (do not double space).
The proposal will be due by
Wednesday, December 13, which is the end of our semester.
Grading Will be Based On:
Grammar/Mechanics: 15
Organization/Layout/Visuals: 15
Presentation of Problem: 20
Feasibility of your Solution: 20
Presentation of your Argument/Persuasiveness: 15
Timetable/Costs/Qualifications: 15
Previous topics that I have had in the class:
Legalize marijuana (directed toward the government, could now be directed to the state)
Bring Qwest internet to new community (internal proposal to Qwest)
Catering business (sales proposal to company to use the catering business)
New computers for business (internal proposal for company to purchase new computers)
Take care of the DMACC parking lot (proposal to DMACC on how to organize the parking lot)
Get rid of sexual harassment in a military unit (internal proposal from one unit)
Food supplier for community colleges (sales proposal to DMACC)
Open new position at a company (internal proposal)
Legalize online gambling (directed toward the government)
Healthier school lunches (directed toward local school district)
Security company (sales proposal to Capitol building)
Build new athletic building (sales proposal to DMACC)
Other topics to consider:
Internal proposal to hire more employees at a company
Internal proposal to improve working conditions
Internal/external proposal to a company to improve accessibility for the disabled
Internal/external proposal to eliminate a traffic hazard
Internal proposal to make your company more green
Proposal to DMACC to create a one-credit course in job hunting or stress management
Proposal to a company on how to improve their website (this could be a sales proposal if you
want to write on behalf of a company that designs websites)
Proposal to the authors of our textbook (or any of your other textbooks) on how to improve it

Organization of Internal Proposal
The Purpose
Brief statement of why you are writing: “I propose…” Why this change needs to be made now
and overview of problem, and why your change is the answer.

The Problem
Prove the problem exists using concrete documentation.
*Do not use vague language
*Provide quantifiable details
*How many employees and customers affected *How widespread is the problem

*Relate problem to the company’s image
The Solution or Plan
Describe your plan and tie it in with the problem. Each part of the plan should eliminate the
problem. You will need to provide concrete documentation. You need to answer their questions
on whether the plan is workable and cost-effective. Address the following issues:

*Schedules *Working Conditions
*Employees *Methods
*Locations *Equipment

*Costs (should be its own heading)
The Conclusion
Keep it short. Remind readers of the problem and how serious it is, why the change is justified
and beneficial, and that action needs to be taken now. Reemphasize most important benefits.
Open yourself for questions and/or a response.

Organization of an External and Sales Proposal
Overview of what to expect in the proposal. This will include your purpose (could be in
response to an RFP) and what you propose to do for them.
The introduction will also identify the problem.
Description of Proposed Product or Service
Show how your product is right for them
Describe the product and its performance
Present any special features, maintenance advantages, warranties, service benefits
If RFP, match timetable to theirs. Otherwise, provide a detailed timeframe on how you can
complete the job. Will there be phases/stages? When will the work begin? When will it be
finished? Will there need to be follow-up? If you offer a service, how often will a task be
Do not underestimate costs. Provide more than the bottom line. Itemize the costs for things such

*Services *Equipment/Materials *Labor
*Transportation *Travel *Training

If certain costs are optional, advise which ones. You can also recommend upgrades. If prices
will increase within a short time frame, advise them of this as well.
Qualifications of Your Company
Here you will stress why they should choose you over the competition. Emphasize any
accomplishments you have and expertise. Provide references and/or examples of who you have
helped in the past.
Encourage the reader to act fast. Stress the benefits of your plan. Open yourself for questions
and/or a response.

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