McWane Industries Reaction Paper

Apply the following questions in reaction to the McWane video

1. What responsibilities do companies, such as McWane, have in providing a safe working environment for their employees?
2. What responsibilities do companies have towards the environment?
3. Why do the federal worker safety law, causing a worker’s death remains a misdemeanor?
4. As a safety professional, what would you do if you were in this type of job situation?
5. What do you think would be the response of the current Federal administration (OSHA, Secretary of Labor) if this investigation occurred now?

This REACTION PAPER should focus on the questions ONLY please be certain to apply the list below:

Pay close attention to the video web site that I have provided as it provides information regarding McWane’s safety and environmental practices and a list of violations committed by the company leadership.

Provide the exact location within text of all cited passages i.e., page number or exact paragraph so that I may validate the source.

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