Mathematics for Science Assignment

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FOUN046 Mathematics for Science Assignment Term 3 2020 Total marks: 60

You must answer the questions in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the statistical ideas. Answers must be presented in paragraphs, or sentences, as prescribed in Academic English I and make use of relevant statistical language.

Also each question must be clearly referenced. (6 marks)

  1. Define briefly (at most two sentences) what is meant by each of the following three terms in Statistics:
  2. a) a sample b) a sample design c) secondary data. (9 marks)
  3. a) Define briefly (at most three sentences) what is meant by bias in Statistics.
  4. b) List two factors that might introduce statistical bias into a sample.
  5. c) Give a statistical example of when using a biased sample could be an advantage in

scientific research. (8 marks)

  1. a) List five different factors you must be careful about when designing a survey


  1. b) Briefly describe (at most two sentences) two factors from your list in a). (9 marks)
  2. In this question you are going to create a sample from a database. Follow the instructions below to help you create your sample.
  3. a) Select a large set of data, which has a science, or health related, theme. Provide a reference for the data. If it is not easily available online, print or scan the set of data and attach it to the assignment.

We recommend as a good source to begin your search for a suitable theme and data. Choose a science, or health related, theme that is of interest to you. State why you have chosen this set of data. Check with your teacher if you are unsure about your choice. (2 marks)

systematic sampling; random sampling using a calculator; stratified sampling; cluster sampling

  1. b) Choose two suitable statistical sampling methods from the box above that could be used to create your sample. Write a detailed description of each. Your description must include all of the steps you need to do to choose a sample from a population.

(8 marks)

  1. c) Describe in detail how you would create a sample from your chosen set of data. Your answer must include the following relevant details
  2. your choice of one of your two methods described in part b) to create your sample and state why you have chosen to use this method. (2 marks)
  3. the size of the sample you wish to create. Justify, statistically, why you have chosen that size. (2 marks)

iii. all the steps you need to calculate to create your sample. Each step should include a description and statistical calculations. (8 marks)

  1. your final sample. This should be detailed and presented in table form or as a list. You may wish to use Excel. (6 marks)

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FOUN046: Mathematics for Science

Statistical Assignment: Sampling

(10% towards the final grade).

This assignment is a literature and website based assignment. You have eight references available to you to answer your questions. These references are available for use available in the FOUN046 Teams folder under files, Statistics assignment folder. No other research is needed.

The four resources in the book are a selection of material from the following references.

Power Point notes from a website: Why Sample?

Modular Mathematics for GCSE—chapter 19: Sampling, Surveys and Questionnaires

Statistics AEB—chapter 2: Data Collection

Advanced Level Statistics — chapter 9: Sampling and estimation

Another four resources from the internet are also provided. The reference is on the document.

Your Student Book 2 may also be useful in helping you answer the questions.

Reference each question.

Assignment resources:

For the book, use the titles as given above when referencing each question in your assignment.

For the other resources, use the reference in the document as given.

Using Other References from the internet: You may use other references to help you answer the questions. Please reference these resources correctly (as taught in FOUN001) for each question. Be careful about the time you spend researching other resources and make sure they are reliable academic sources (as taught in FOUN001).

You are required in to hand in this assignment on or before Tuesday 19 January 2021 tutorial time (4 pm NZ time). If you are an on campus student by giving it to your teacher in class, or by email, for marking and comments. If you are an online student by email for marking and comments.

Emails must be sent to Una’s email address. Use your university email when sending the assignment. Emails from personal addresses with attachments may not arrive as they will be treated as junk mail by the university system. It is your responsibility to ensure that your emailed assignment arrives to the right place and on time.

Do not use One Drive to send your assignment.

Your assignment must be a Word document. Put your name and class in your file name on your Word document. Keep a draft copy somewhere safe.

Your declaration must be completed and handed in with your assignment. Assignments will not be marked unless a completed declaration is handed in.

If you have any queries, please ask, or message, me before you start. Good luck!

Please Read very carefully before you start your assignment.

Declaration of Work – Academic Integrity

Refer to the Student Assessment Guide book for full details.

Student Name (full name, including “English” name) ID Number (from your ID card)

FOUN046 Maths for Science

Assignment Name

Sampling in Statistics



If you have any doubts or questions, please see your teacher before you hand in your work.

STUDENT DECLARATION: you must sign this declaration of academic integrity as part of your assignment.

I confirm and promise

  • that this assignment is entirely my own work and is original work
  • that I have not committed plagiarism when completing the attached piece of work
  • that source materials have been fully referenced
  • that this assignment, or substantial parts of it, have not been submitted for assessment

in any other programme, any other semester or paper

  • that I have not copied from another student or allowed my work to be copied
  • that I have not submitted the same or a very similar assignment to that of another student
  • that I have not worked on an assignment with other students
  • that I have not assisted someone else to commit academic misconduct by writing their assignment or by sharing files
  • that I have not made up data or information
  • that I have not committed any form of academic misconduct
  • that I have read and am aware of academic integrity and the academic misconduct details in my Student Assessment Guide.

Do not forget to complete this declaration. Assignments will not be marked without it.

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