Marketing Strategy

Question 1: Read the article about the global helicopter industry and answer the questions that follow.


1, In what ways does the global helicopter industry exhibit characteristics of a product/market in the maturity stage of the product life cycle? Explain.


2, How has the global helicopter industry suffered as a result of product innovation? Explain.


3, How can Lockheed Martin overcome soft demand in the helicopter industry through improved positioning strategies? Discuss.


Question 2: View the video that looks at the history of Variety magazine and the challenges it currently faces as it tries to compete against rivals on the Internet. Variety has existed since 1905. It started out covering vaudeville, and when the movie business moved West, it did as well. For the past century it has featured news on entertainment and reviews. However, with the onset of digital Variety subscribers have dropped significantly as more and more readers turn to the Internet. Sharon Waxman, reporter and editor-in-chief of the online news organization The Wrap, believes print media is dying. The editor-in-chief of Variety, however, believes it is not over yet. He claims that when the television came out people believed movies would disappear, but they did not. Variety is also looking into digital ways that it can reach readers and remain relevant.


1,How has Variety been positioned in its long history in entertainment?


2, What stage in the product life cycle do you think Variety is in currently? Do you believe doing more publishing online will be helpful in revitalizing the brand?



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