Marketing Management

Assignment : Evaluating a Journal Article

In this assignment, you have to prepare a 1,400 word critical analysis of a given article from attached Article. You need to critically evaluate the article from a theoretical perspective and consider the practical implications using examples based on the Omani market. You need to use at least two other related journal articles (selected by yourself), to support your evaluation of the article.

Article Title:“Customer perception towards effectiveness of floor advertisements in organized retail”

The Task:

Evaluate the journal article with specific consideration of the following:

– Introduction (100 words)

– Title of the article (100 words)

– Abstract (100 words)

– Introduction of the article (100 words)

– Theory (200 words)

– Methodology (200 words)

– Results (200 words)

– Contribution (200 words)

– Overall assessment (200 words)

Please, note the following:

  • You must use at least two other journal articles for your discussion
  • Your references must reflect a balance between academic and internet sources
  • Your arguments must be balanced and supported by marketing literature on consumer behaviour and marketing communications
  • You must demonstrate and apply your marketing knowledge


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