Marketing analysis

Topic: marketing analysis

Subject: Business

The project will be done in student teams of no more than four students. We’ll form groups by the second class. As

a team, you will select a sample marketing plan from Make

certain you only select a marketing plan from under the “More Marketing Plans” Section near the bottom of the


Your task is to evaluate the marketing plan for the company you choose. You will explain how good of a job they did

putting together their plan. Think about me as an investor and your job is to tell me how well this company will

conduct their marketing. Use the knowledge you gained in class to evaluate the components of their plan.

You must include an executive summary of your analysis—not the executive summary of the plan you used. If you

don’t know what an executive summary is ASK ME. Following is what your report should consist of:

1. Introduction and background on the company (this should be at least one complete page)

2. Describe the external environment (competition, sociocultural trends, legislation, technology, economy) The

following sites might prove useful for this section:

target company is jamestown sports and fitness

here is the official website:

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