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  1. What do you think accounts for the universality of this play?




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Hamlet is filled with all the things that keep people interested – murder, greed, lust, corruption, and so on.  Most people hold their morals and values dear, but it is the immoral that keeps people fascinated.  In addition to this, Hamlet is filled with internal conflict.  He thinks he should avenge his father’s death, but doesn’t or can’t decide if he really should.  He wants to commit suicide (at least I believe that’s what “To be or not to be” is about), but finally decides death would be worse, so he doesn’t.  I’ve always thought Hamlet was a grown man, but I read something that said he was a teenager, or at least a young man, college age.  If that’s the case then his internal conflict makes sense – young adults are filled with confusion when faced with a stressful situation.  Everyone who would read this play, teenager or adult, can relate to all the mixed emotions Hamlet seemed to go through. All of this, and much more, contribute to the universality of the play.  These are all things people can relate to.  Maybe not necessarily murder, but conflicts as a whole are relatable.  Everyone can relate to something in Hamlet – a major conflict or a minor internal conflict.

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  1. Is Hamlet a misogynist? Before answering, please look up misogyny.


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