After reading Tschick, you should choose and answer one of the following tasks. The text should be about one page long (Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 line spacing) and be constructed according to the classical essay pattern (introduction, main part, conclusion). You should work close to the text. This means that you should take quotes from the novel for your claims and reasoning. There should be at least 3 quotes.As we read, we talked more about the terms “coming-of-age” and “educational novel.” They represent the development that a character undergoes in a book. For example, does Maik grow up as a person? Will he mature? Describe the development of Maik through the novel and determine to what extent Maik becomes a different person through his adventures.

Write a review for Tschick. Summarize the novel, list the most important topics and give your opinion on the text.

We talked about the heroic journey in class. (, p. 31) How does the list match the book? Can you find examples for all 12 points? Is Tschick a book about a hero’s journey or not?

Some extra help he gave:



– Presentation of book and author (who wrote it, what is the book about, maybe the genesis)


– Review of the book:

– What is the language of the book?

– What is the author trying to show with the book? Does he succeed?

– The theme of the book and how it is processed


– A summary rating

– Would you recommend the book?

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It’s like high school 17 years old (in Sweden’s second-grade gymnasium). It’s pretty simple German I guess. 2. I think APA, most of you are supposed to write alone, like about book but yeah, you guys have writers that have read the book right?
Not sure about level, not to advanced I guess, because it’s not that hard German for you guys so yeah (it’s like step 4 German in Sweden). Can not waste too much money. Everything else I believe is in my last mail, instructions and all etc


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