Literary Criticism Project

Literary Criticism Project

In this assignment, you have the opportunity to closely study the work(s) of one author and to expose yourself to critical perspectives that surround the author’s work. Find three pieces of literary criticism about“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Select three pieces of literary criticism that interest you and present ideas that enhance your insight and understanding into the literature.


Note: For some authors, we are reading several texts, perhaps a few short stories or poems. In most cases, I encourage to focus on just one short story or poem, and you will find plenty of information on just that one short story or poem. On the other hand, for some authors who perhaps have lesser bodies of work and have attracted less commentary, you may find it necessary to discuss a couple of their short stories or poems – or even go beyond what we’ve read in class. There are also some authors whose texts are more historical or factual in nature, and these may also present challenges as you search for literary criticism.


Your assignment should have three parts:

**Concise, objective, and accurate summaries of three pieces of literary criticism

**Your response to literary criticism

**Works cited page

Part 1: After finding three critical essays that you think are valuable and interesting, you’ll provide an overview of each, pointing to ideas that you find particularly enlightening or challenging. This should come in the form of three separate paragraphs, each dedicated to one piece of literary criticism. You may choose to use subheadings to organize your work. Early in each overview, you will want to identify relevant bibliographic information, including author, title, and date of publish. You may also want to mention any relevant credentials the author brings to the table. Remember to use quotation marks and use in-text citations where necessary. (500-750 words minimum)


Part 2: Here, you should apply and respond to one or more of the critical essays you read. How did they change or enhance your reading of the text(s)? Be specific. What ideas did you find most provocative? Does the writer offer a viable interpretation you had not yet considered? Does the writer shed light on a particular aspect of the text that enriches your understanding of the text? Keep in mind that the purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to closely examine the work(s) of one of our authors and expose you to critical perspectives surrounding her work. Ideally, this perspective will offer you a new way of looking at the author and her work and allow you additional insight. (250-500 words minimum)


Part 3: Your paper should also include works cited entries for each of your three sources in MLA style (8th edition).




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