Literary Analysis

Eng 102: Essay 3
Please choose one of the following options:
Choose a work of literature that has been assigned this semester, and write an
essay that focuses its analysis on three symbols present within the text. This is a
literary analysis.
Write a narrative that relates an event in your own life with that of one of our
readings. Use specific examples to make connections. This is literary analysis
and narrative.
Analyze a work of literature as it relates to our society today. How is the text
relevant to today’s world or society? This is a literary analysis.
In literature courses we get to see reflections of our own experience and get to
vicariously experience what it is to be someone other than ourselves. Think back
over the semester and choose one piece of literature that spoke to you in a special
way. Perhaps the work reflected your own experience or the experience of
someone you know or gave you a new perspective through which to view your
own experience. Perhaps the work opened your eyes to the experience of
someone other than yourself, causing you to feel compassion for someone else or
another group of people. Perhaps the beauty of the author’s language spoke to
you. Write an essay discussing the work you choose and why that work had the
effect it had on you. Use some specific examples from the text in your answer.
This essay is a mixture of narrative and analysis.
We have explored several meanings of the word “villain.” We have discovered
that a “villain” can be more than just a person or character; it can exist in the
forms of ideas, prejudices, traditions, and societal expectations. Choose a villain
from any reading this semester, and analyze his/her/its significance within the
text. Does the villain relate at all to society today? This essay is a literary
Free choice of topic. You must get your topic approved by me first.
Source Requirement: your essay should incorporate at least two sources, and these
sources should be properly documented within your essay and within a works cited page.
Your first source will be a literary text that we have studied. Your second source MUST
be either a book from our library or an article found on one of Calhoun’s databases. I
suggest Academic Search Premier or Gale. Your quote incorporation should be relevant,
effective, and adequate. ABSOLUTELY NO internet sources.
Major points will be deducted for any essay that has excessive MLA format mistakes.
The appearance of your essay (including the information on the first page and spacing

throughout) and your parenthetical citations need to be presented in correct MLA format.
Please refer to the PowerPoint I have posted on Blackboard and your
Writer’s Reference.
You will also need a works cited page that coincides correctly with all parenthetical
citations. Your works cited page should look like the example I have for you in
Format requirements are as follows: 2-5 typed pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman
or Calibri 12 point font, last name and page # at the top right of each page, works cited
page as your last page. All essays must be submitted through Blackboard. Remember
that no late essay will be accepted. A note about page requirement: all papers that are not
at least two full pages will earn an automatic zero. This means that you must have at
least one line spilling onto page 3 just to make sure. I am very serious about this page
requirement. This is a college composition course, and 2 pages is the bare minimum in
order for your work to earn ANY credit.

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