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How does the study of General Erich Ludendorff (German Army General) inform the approach to the practise of leadership?


This is Executive Summary of Leadership of General Erich Ludendorff .
Using the command and leadership content, as well as current experience in military organisations.

The assignment also include a brief background of Ludendorff and his operating environment is a necessary component of this assignment, the writer should focus the bulk of the Executive summary on the analysis of Ludendorff – his strengths, limitations and relevance to Command and Leadership. As much as is practical, utilise reputable scholarly sources (e.g. academic books and journals) to support your argument.
And focus your analysis on key leadership elements at the highest levels applicable.
This assignment is Executive Summary or Written Brief for oral presentation and has 3 patrs (Intro, body and conclusion) – Endnotes are written in Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed.( full note , no Ibid)

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