Leadership Studies

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This is a 10 page paper not including title page and references page. If there are any changes, I will let you know.


Use leadership theories/concepts, authors, readings, etc. to support your response to the question/topic.


You have just been appointed to the position of CEO in an organization that has experienced steadily diminishing performance for the past

five years. You received this appointment because you have the reputation of being a transformational leader. It has become clear that a

major contributor to the inefficiency of this organization is an organizational culture that diminishes individual initiative or

entrepreneurial approaches in job performance. Explain how you will use your transformational leadership skills to increase performance

throughout the organization. Use theoretical support for your answer.

An abstract is not required, and you may use the first person pronoun, but your response must represent a formal report written in APA

format with appropriate citation of relevant resources. Feel free to use sources that was attached to last order and use your own

resources. Also, look at the sample paper attached. Please use Transformational Leadership Skills as the header on all pages of the paper.

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