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Leadership Potential

Midterm Assignment: Leadership Potential

The purpose of this assignment is to help you assess your leadership style through a combination of self-reporting instruments and feedback from others.

I. Select four of the six identified questionnaires for completion.

  1. Complete the Leadership Trait Questionnaire. For this questionnaire alone, ask five other people, preferably work colleagues, to fill out the questionnaire, and you will need to answer the questions as well. Follow the scoring instructions. What do these traits and personal qualities say about how you would lead others? What are their implications for your leadership style?
  2. Complete the Leadership Behavior Questionnaire: Report on your score for this questionnaire and tell how your preferences for task or relationship behaviors impact the way you tend to lead and manage others. Fully explain what it means to be task or relationship oriented before you talk about the impact of these styles.
  3. Complete the Skills Inventory Questionnaire. Report on your score and discuss which skills are stronger or weaker than others and the level of management it assesses you as most suited for at this time. For skills needing improvement, discuss what action steps you can take based on the skills you would like to strengthen.
  4. Complete the Path Goal Leadership Questionnaire and report your scores and describe the implications of these scores for how you lead others. In other words what behaviors are your subordinates likely to see with a person who has these scores?
  5. Complete the Servant Leadership Questionnaire. For this questionnaire, you and two people who know you as a leader must complete the questionnaire. Follow the scoring instructions. Explain the theory of servant leadership and how it can be effective in leading multicultural or diverse and inclusive organizations.
  6. Complete the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment. Report the score on your questionnaire and discuss why you chose this instrument and what the results mean to you. Were there any surprises?

II. Develop a leadership profile that describes who you are as a leader based upon the information that you received from the questionnaire results. List your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and discuss how they would impact your followers. (This should be a separate section which provides a composite of all your findings and results from the four selected questionnaires.)

Requirements: Six to eight-page paper, excluding the cover and references page. Cite concepts from the course readings, scholarly sources from the UMUC online library, and/or the weekly modules to support your analysis – your paper should contain at least five quality scholarly sources published within the last five years.

Leadership Potential ATTACHMENTS

Authentic Leadership.pdf (38.23 KB)
Leadership Behavior Questionnaire.pdf (38.55 KB)
Leadership Trait Questionnaire.pdf (45.34 KB)
Path Goal Questionnaire.pdf (52.43 KB)
Servant Leadership.pdf (52.67 KB)
Skills Inventory.pdf (38.54 KB)


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