Overview: Leaders and managers in Human Services organizations can be most effective in building and running programs if they are thoughtful about their leadership theories, styles and traits, and apply them consciously to working with various stakeholders.

Stakeholders: stakeholders are people in other organizations for whom your organization matters. AIl the people and organizations that hold your organization or program accountable. They may be funding entities, the landlord of the building, those who select members of the board of directors, volunteers, clients, and staff. For example elected officials may believe they bring a mandate to make government more accountable or to privatize government services. Agency board member may feel that they need to get the organization to either change or maintain its focus and purpose.

Organizational Mandates: formal mandates are those required by a funding or authorizing group. If these mandates are not met, the organization may face serious sanctions including (possibly) the inability to operate. Informal mandates are those expectations that may remain current spoken. Often the expectations of clients or staff or volunteers are informal in nature. Mandates include both those things an organization is required to do as well as those things that are not required but expected.


For this assignment, try to identify your stakeholder entities, from the individual all the way to the community.

Try to identify your stakeholder entities, from the individual all the way to the community.

Decide by making a list of some of the expectation each stakeholder might have about your organization.

2. Describe some of the expectations or standards they may have (e.g. the type of leadership, attaining outcome goals)?

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3. Using the leadership styles, theories, discuss what can do to address and meet these expectations. Briefly list and explain the formal and informal mandates
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