Jazz Dance

Research a Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre, or Tap Dance from Chapter 9. You can use the time line or the names from the list beginning on page 135. Find a Youtube video of the work, insert the link into your submission and write an essay to the following questions.
Each answer is worth 5 points.
1. What style of dance did you select? What are the characteristics of this style of dance? (use the book to research & reference)
2. Discuss 3 reasons why you chose this particular dance?
3. What did you appreciate about this art form of jazz and how do you support your opinion by the choice of the dance video you found? Explain. Discuss your favorite part of this dance and list the time in the clip (i.e. 1:32-2:15)
4. Discuss your experience of jazz dance, learning a snippit of choreography in the movement day. Remember to provide specific examples from the movement class.

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