Introduction to children with expetionnalities

Case Study 15 marks
You have a child in your program that has Down Syndrome. She is 3 and a half. She
enjoys playing with the other children in the preschool room.
Her favourite area is the
dramatic play area where she loves to pretend to cook and
feed the babies
. She will spend short periods at the art easels but will avoid the
block play and the climber
loves the book area as long as other children or adults are there to read the
book with her.
She uses gestures and Holophrases to communicate her needs and interests to
Cognitively she’s at 24 months and physically she’s at about 18 months because
due to poor muscle tone.
The physiotherapist would like her to stop playing with the dolls in the dramatic
area. She would rather see her lifting and walking on blocks to increase her
strength, balance and coordination.
Response Questions:
According to the developmental approach:
1. How will you use her interests to meet the requests from the physiotherapist?
2. What materials will you include to encourage her development and how will you
use the environment
Consider the child’s development in the area of speech/language and cognition.
What would be the next developmental steps and how would you support the

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