Interview Stream

UMUC uses interactive software to help you practice your interviewing skills. First, you will select the type of interview that you would like to practice. Second, you’ll have a chance to review every question that will be asked of you. Make sure that you incorporate all of the readings and videos from this week as you prepare. You won’t apply for a specific job, this exercise is meant to give you a place to practice interviewing and receive feedback from the instructor.

  1. Create an InterviewStream account by going directly to (You can also access this tool via CareerQuest under “Tools/Resources” then selecting the “Interview” menu)
  2. You will arrive at the InterviewStream homepage. You also can download interview stream to any iphone or android smartphone by clicking the link to the right. This is helpful if you don’t have a webcamera on your main computer or laptop.
  3. On the next page you will see “Let us know how you would like to interview.” Click “Created for Me.”
  4. On the next page, you will see multiple options for your practice interview. Select any but the “Default Question set” interview. Try to pick the interview type that is most relevant to your immediate career goal (as outlined in week 2).
  5. Do not click the picture yet. Scroll over the picture and click “view questions.” Review each of the questions. You can also watch the interviewer ask them. Jot down notes on how you would answer each question. Remember what you’ve learned so far in this course about your skills, researching/your goals, and interviewing technique.
  6. Plan a time where you can do the interview. Most will need at least forty-five minutes to complete. Try to find a time where there will be little noise or distractions that would keep you from completing your interview. You will be completing a mock interview via a webcam or your smartphone. InterviewStream saves your interview as an assignment. Your instructor will evaluate your interview and give you pointers on how you can improve.
  7. Return to the Interview selection screen, hover over the interview picture that you would like to attempt, and click “Start Interview.”
  8. InterviewStream will test your connectivity to make sure you can complete the interview. If you are on a wireless network, try to find somewhere that has good signal. When Step 1 is complete click next.
  9. InterviewStream will test your webcam. Click “allow.” If you do not have a webcam, you can download interviewstream for free onto any iphone or android smartphone to access a camera.
  10. Click next on the webcam check.
  11. InterviewStream will test your microphone. Follow the directions to make sure that when you speak into the mic your voice reaches the red line. Once you reach the red line you will be able to click next.
  12. Follow the instructions on the screen. You will have 2 minutes to answer each question. When you answer a question, it may take a moment to save your answer. You may need to close and restart your browser if your first question does not load. Click anywhere to stop recording if you feel that you have answered your question.
  13. If you get a duplicate question, simply skip it and continue to the next question.
  14. Answer each question in the interview.
  15. When completed, click home.
  16. You now have the option of watching how you answered each question. This is an optional part of the assignment. Feel free to rate yourself and use this tool to practice! Your professor will access your interview, watch how you answered certain questions, and provide you with feedback.


Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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