International Relations Coursework

1. What are the details involving Lieutenant Brostrom’s assignment to Afghanistan?

2. In war, the enemy gets a vote. It would be more than foolish to think that an opponent is not going to attain their own victories and provide their share of nasty surprises. At Wanat, the enemy had exceptional intelligence regarding U.S. positions and equipment.

They moved unusual large number of fighters into the area and had the advantage of tactical surprise and numerical odds. Despite all these advantages U.S. forces fought a pitched battle, inflicted serious casualties upon the opposition and held the field when the battle was over.

This would seem to place Wanat among other successful defenses that were costly, but ultimately successful. During a heroic defense, U.S> forces experienced a number of casualties that were perhaps higher than was the theater norm, but not excessive given the tactical situation. Why not view this battle as a victory?

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