Interim client progress


Learning Objectives:
• Integrate theory, research literature, and practice in case conceptualization, planning, and counselling interventions
• Reconstruct the counselling process for one or more counselling clients, using case notes
• Summarize counselling process and client progress in interim and final reports
Students shall produce an interim progress report of a practicum case, typically the same as used in Assignment 1, as well as a plan for future

sessions. The report should be 12 pages, double-spaced, using strict APA style and references.
The report/plan shall contain the following sections:
• session case notes;
• overall summary of client progress; case reconceptualization if required,
• analysed with reference to relevant counselling literature / textbook;
• measurement of change;
• SMART goal and plan for future sessions;
• provide relevant literature citations to support your plan; and
• reflections on counselling strengths and challenges; plan for development.
The following rubric indicates those areas you should be focusing on in preparing your assignment, and how the faculty supervisor will weigh these

components relative to one another.
Criteria Points Comments
1. Session Case Notes (15%)
a. Comprehensiveness /10
b. Clarity, Objectivity /5
2. Summary of Client Progress (25%)
a. Summary of Overall Progress to Date /10
b. Analysis of Progress, Supported by Literature Citations;
c. Case Reconceptualization – Show Theoretical Understanding /15
3. Measurement of Client Change (15%)
a. Description of Measurement Process
• Ultilization of Informal and Formal Assessment Measures /8
b. Summary of Measurement Results /7
4. Goals and Action Plan (20%)
a. SMART Goal, Supported by Literature /10
b. Action Plan, Supported by Literature /10
5. Reflections (15%)
a. Counselling Strengths /5
b. Counselling Challenges /5
c. Counsellor Development Plan /5
6. Writing Style (10%)
a. Clarity, Accuracy, Consistency /5
b. APA Style /5
TOTAL /100


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