Interdisciplinary Studies

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Write about a time when you helped another person, someone whom others were not sure could improve, to achieve or succeed at a higher level (Please use student/youth examples if you have teaching experience). *

-3rd Grade math (multiplication and division)

Write about a time when you had to think or plan ahead to accomplish something satisfying at work (Make sure to clarify the time frame, i.e. how far in advance).*


Write about a time when you set a standard for someone else’s work and held that person accountable for adhering to that standard (This may be a student, a direct report, a peer, etc.).*

Elementary Student

At IDEA Public Schools, we expect our teachers to achieve ambitious goals with their students. Give an example of a numerical, absolute goal you have worked towards in the past 1-3 years. If you have experience teaching, please refer to student achievement from grade levels you have taught/managed; preferably results from state assessments. If you do not have experience teaching, please refer to past measurable goals set in a professional, academic, or leadership role. What was the goal? What steps did you take to achieve the goal? What was the result? What lessons did you learn from working towards the goal?*

1st grade

Important resources

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills by Grade Level (Elementary)


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