Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence

Internal Persuasive message: Intercultural Competence


Your organization is developing customers and sales partners internationally. In addition to this, your San Francisco Bay Area office is becoming more culturally diverse as you grow. You are asked by your boss to write a memo recommending a way or ways office and sales personnel might become more interculturally competent.


The report is informational:

Since the report will be read by a wide range of people within the organization, carefully define and explain the importance of intercultural competence.

A few sentences with documentation should be sufficient. After this introduction proceed with your recommendations.

The report is analytical:

Based upon your research you will recommend in your memo at least two practical actions leading to a more interculturally competent workforce. A critical component of your your report is telling your boss WHY you are recommending this action. You must develop at least two documented reasons for your recommendation.

Sources, Documentation, and Organization

You must use at least two cited sources in your memo. One of the sources must be an academic source. An academic source will be defined in this class as:

-an article appearing in a peer reviewed journal.

-an article having at least ten pages.


-All sources must be cited in text & at the end of the paper in APA format.

-Paper needs to be concise, direct, and meet the criteria for an internal persuasive message from a business communication’s standpoint.

-All works will be checked with plagiarism checker.

-Instructions are expected to be followed & met or no payment will be released until they are.

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