Inpatient treatment facility for rehab

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Thread: Using the Case Scenario from the Week 2 discussion forum, let’s assume the client has entered a 30-day inpatient treatment facility for rehab. Respond to the following prompt and questions.

  • The client is in the detox group in treatment, the initial group a client will enter once deemed medically stable. While receiving MATs, the client continues to experience withdrawals and is not convinced he has a problem with alcohol.
  • Review the section titled Management of the Group in the Group Leadership, Concepts, and Techniqueschapter of the SAMSHA (2005b) online book. Due to the clients emotional and mental instability during use, along with the experiences he may have from withdrawals, what are at least three issues from the online SAMSHA book chapter that might arise in a group of 5-10 patients detoxing from their drug of choice who are new to inpatient treatment?
  • How can you, as the counselor, manage the three identified issues an alcoholic might experience in detox during withdrawals in a group setting?
  • Using Figure 2-1. Groups Used in Substance Abuse Treatment and Their Relation to Six Group Models in the SAMSHA (2005a) online book chapter titled, Types of Groups Commonly Used in Substance Abuse Treatment, what types of groups would address the needs of the client in the Case Scenario from Week 2?

Case Scenario: Case Scenario 

A client reports that he is feeling down and withdrawn lately. You notice that his movement and affect are slow and restricted. He is aware that he has become more isolated and doesn’t find much satisfaction in his work anymore. At one time he enjoyed his work and took pride in his skill as a cabinetmaker, but lately he is having trouble completing the jobs he has and doesn’t have the energy to go after new jobs.

He tells you it is harder to get out of bed in the morning and he often doesn’t return calls from friends or customers. He says this has been going on for the last four months and he feels completely stuck.

He has become isolated from friends and ruminates over how he messed up past relationships. He says he drinks alcohol most nights – usually a few beers or wine with dinner. Occasionally, he has a few shots of brandy before going to bed. When you encourage him to be more specific about his alcohol intake, (e.g. how much wine and how many beers and when), he becomes irritated and dismisses your questions insisting that he doesn’t believe he has problem with alc  oho  l.

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