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EXCEL Assignment – Part 1 Instructions



This assignment coversa variety ofbasic EXCEL functions and processes that are commonly used in business.

The following conventionswill be used below:

  • Specific cells will be referred to by the column and row number.

For example:  Cell N3 contains the word “Points” and cell N5 contains “5”.

  • Fields in a workbook will be referred to using the following convention:
    • tab.field or the abbreviated version tab.field, where

worksheet is the filename

tab              is the name of the worksheet tab

field            is the name of a specific field.  In some cases, this may be a cell number(s).

Example:  SOLines.Qty refers to the SOLines spreadsheet tab and Qty refers to the Qty column on that tab.

This is a standard notation.



NOTE:  Follow the sequence of activities as they are listed below. In some cases, earlier tasks have to be done before later tasks can be done.

  1. Sequence Numbering

Assigning sequence numbers to spreadsheet rows is often helpful.

Sequence numbers identify specific rows.  Unlike spreadsheet row numbers, sequence numbers appear in the data and are printed when the spreadsheet is printed.

Rows can be re-sequenced for various purposes; the sequence number allows the spreadsheet to be restored to its original sequence.

  1. Formatting:
  • Rows 9 & 10:

Enter the data indicated and center the content in cells I9 and I10.

  • Rows 12 through 26 – Formatting Numbers and Dates
  • Format the data in cells I13 through I18.
  • Answer the questions in H19 and H20 in I19 and I20 respectively.
  • Copy the date in cell I22 into cells I23 through I26 and format as requested.

Note:  Transaction timestamps include both date and time.

NOTE:     In subsequent exercises, format dates as mm/dd/yyyy (the traditional US date format).

  • Explicit Calculation and Date Calculations
    • Calculations reside in cells and are only visible by highlighting the cell containing the calculation, which can’t be done with a printed copy of a spreadsheet.

Put your calculation in an adjacent cell to provide a way for readers to quickly see your formulas.

  • Answer the questions in cells H34 H35 and H36 in cells I34, I35 and I36.
  • Cell Format
  • Follow the instructions in cells H39 through H44

Put your answers in cells I39 through I42 and in cells H44 and I44 combined.

  • Page Layout
  • Add a Header and a Footer to the spreadsheet.

Put the information specified in cell I48 in the Header and the information specified in I49 in the Footer, with page numbering centered in the Footer.  Replace the “?” with the Number of Pages function.

NOTE:     In this course, ALWAYS page number as shown in I49.

  • Follow the instructions in cells F52, F54, F55 and F56.

NOTE:     Keep the instruction in cell C58 in mind as you complete this assignment.  Some text that you enter will not be readily visible if you do not expand the cell height.

NOTE:     In this course, ALWAYS put a Header and a Footerin your spreadsheets.

Adopt this practice as your own.  Recipients of your spreadsheets will be impressed.  This practice will favorable set you apart from the competition.

To SUBMIT this assignment,

UPLOAD the EXCEL spreadsheetinto Canvas for grading.


The number of points per task appears in column N.

Excel Assignment – Part 1 – Formatting

Points Grade
Ø  Sequence numbering rows in a spreadsheet is frequently helpful, especially if the rows are sorted for different purposes and then need to be restored to their original sequence.  Below are two different approaches to assigning sequence numbers.  Use these two different methods to extend the sequence numbers down to row 56.  Explain the difference in the cell of the right of this cell. Enter your Explanation of the two different approaches to  sequence numbering here typing over this instruction. 5
1 1 Ø Center contents of cell I5 vertically. 1
2 2
3 3 Student Name: center your name 1
4 4 IS312 Section # center IS312 Section #_____ 1
5 5
6 6 Ø Format Numbers and Dates:
Format with commas: 15000100200 2
Format to 5 decimals points: 12.02 2
Format as currency: 27341.01 2
Format as percentage: 0.753 2
Left justify this number: 137 2
Enter 00507 in I18:
Question: What kind of number is 00507 above?  Enter your answer here. 2
How might this format be used in  business? Explain business use
for this format here.
Reformat this Date: February 15, 2017
Reformat as mm dd, yyyy: 2
Reformat as yyyy mm dd: 2
Reformat as Month dd, yyyy: 2
Reformat as “Timestamp”: 2
Ø Explicit Calculation & Date Calculations
Calculate the number of days between Mar 15, 2010 and Sept 15, 2017:
Put the dates in I30 and I31.  Then use relative addressing to calculate the result in cell I33.  Show the actual forumla in cell I32. 1
Formula: show formula here 2
Result: show  result here 2
How does Excel calculate dates? Put your answer here. 2
What is the oldest date in Excel? 2
How did you determine Excel’s oldest date? Put your answer here. 2
Ø Cell Format:
Wrap and center the text in cell I39.  >>> “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. “ 2
Explain how to insert multiple lines of text in a single cell as shown in K40. Put your explanation here. a)
Explain how to put lines on top of, at the bottom of and around a cell or group of cells Put your explanation here. 3
Explain how to center items in a cell as shown in cell K42. Put your explanation here. a) 2
Note: Add a comment here merging cells H44 and I44. 2
Ø Page Layout:
Add this header to this page: Yourname Enterprises, Inc.
CSUN IS312 Spring 2017
Add this footer to this page: File Name          Page 1 of 1 4
NOTE:  ALWAYS put these headers and footers in your Excel workproduct.
Format this Tab to print in Portrait mode, adjust scaling so all columns show. 5
Copy this Tab. 2
Name the new Tab “Format Landscape”. 2
Format the new tab to print in Landscape with all columns printing on the same sheet of paper. 3
NOTE:  Expand cell height as necessary so your entire answer is visible. 1
0.000000 Total 75 0


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