Influence of Indian Classical Dance on Me, how to write an essay paper

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The essay must grab the attention of the admissions officers.

It must be top notch and highly polished. 550 words

The essay must “show” rather than a series of “tells”

Effect of positive dance experience on student’s high school academics, social, and emotional development.


Suggestions for the structure of the essay:

Start with the student ready on the stage for a public performance. Describing the stage and the dancer’s mood of nervousness, expectations, hesitancy…….

Flash back to her first introduction to the dance at age of 6, practices every Sunday, difficult but persistent etc. How the geometrical nature of dance helped her have a better appreciation of geometry class. Her dance teacher’s admonition “Don’t try to dance. Just dance…. “ helped her win the tennis matches

Then come back to the performance in the present, audience applause and take-aways from dance on life learning experiences


Some background on Indian dance for your benefit

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