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Attention xxx Employees:

Governor xxx has declared that xx state government agencies and offices will be closed on Monday, December 24, 2018, in observance of Christmas Eve.

Under this declaration, December 24, 2018 will be treated like any other State holiday.

  1. For regular employees, December 24 is to be treated in the same manner as the other 11 State holidays. Part-time employees receive holiday leave for this day based on their percentage of employment, i.e., a 60% employee receives 4.8 hours of holiday leave.
  2. Regular employees of 24-hour facilities who work on December 24 earn holiday compensatory leave for normal hours they work on December 24. This leave must be taken within one year of the date earned.
  3. Emergency and Contractual employees who were scheduled to work on December 24 may use their Paid Time Off Leave.
  4. Employees who were previously scheduled off on December 24, 2018, do not have to use their accrued leave.
  5. There is no need for employees to enter a “time type” for December 24. This field will be populated by DBM.

Please contact your local HR Payroll Department with any questions. Thank you.

The key message is the observance of the Holiday that was not originally on our posted schedules and the amount of leave pay received. It is well organized with information that lets each employee know his/her leave expected without sending each individual a separate email. It also eases the minds of the easily confused by letting them know that their time sheets will be automatically populated.


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