Immunotherapy treatment on small cell ovarian cancer.

The Assignment

You are responsible for finding 6 sources supporting research on your final essay topic. The sources must come from the specific formats of information listed below: scholarly article, web site, newspaper, etc. Sources must be listed in a bibliography following the rules of MLA style. Each citation must have an annotation.


You must find 6 sources, one each of the formats listed below. Use MLA for your citations, followed by the annotation. Be sure to include the database/catalog/website in which it was found (i.e., Proquest, PsycINFO, Academic OneFile, etc.).

Sources 1-3 must be from an FIU Library database or the FIU Library catalog:
1. One book published in the last 20 years
2. Journal article in a scholarly journal
3. One article in a popular or trade magazine

Sources 4-6 can be from an FIU Library database, the FIU Library Catalog, or the Web:
4. One article about your topic from a newspaper published in the country of your topic
5. A good website
6. One good source of your choice

Your sources will be graded using the following criteria:
• Timeliness
• Authority
• Relevance
• Quality of annotation
• MLA style

My thesis that will guide the sources is: Through the dissemination of information through platforms such as newspaper articles, YouTube and web platforms, immunotherapy drugs were introduced to the public which revolutionized the treatment of a rare form of ovarian cancer.
This link is one source that needs to be used.

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