Hunger games symbolism

Hunger games symbolism research paper assignment


See Course Schedule (be certain to submit outline, preliminary Works Cited, required rough draft, peer-editing—done through discussion board in online class, and final draft on time). This paper is 25% of your entire class grade, so the assignment needs to be taken very seriously)


Topic: The Hunger Games, The Tempest, and/or other literary topic from one of the sources read over the course of the semester (short stories, novels, poems) (with permission from the instructor only)

*Papers that just summarize the sources will receive a 50. Failure to include correct in-text citations and/or a correct Works Cited will result in a 50. Plagiarism will also result in a 0-50.On-campus students must submit printed copies of their four secondary sources with a correct MLA citation on each source. Students who fail to do so will receive no higher than a 50.
**Papers that are not submitted to Safe Assign will NOT be graded.
Length: 1,000-1,200 words
FORM: “Hughes Manuscript Form”

Steps of Research Paper Process:

1. Choose your topic from the topics above and/or sample topics listed below.

2. Collect at least FOUR secondary sources for essay. These sources will be from databases and/or college level references. You will be using the sources ProQuest, LexisNexis, ERIC and/or similar college-level sources. I have included a separate page on how to locate these sources and how to cite them). You must have FOUR secondary sources as well as at least one primary source (for example, A Midsummer Night’s Dream).

3. Create an MLA style Bibliography Page of Sources (see attachment). You will submit this on the assigned date as per Course Schedule

4. Create an outline (upon which you will base your paper. You will submit this on the assigned date as per Course Schedule.
5. Write a rough draft (this will be submitted for a grade). Create an outline (see example below) upon which you will base your paper) (submit on the Course Schedule deadline).

6. Writea rough draft (this will be submitted for a grade). On this paper, you must submit a rough draft for peer-editing. In my online classes, you have a rough draft due for peer-editing in Discussion Board and again for a Lab assignment. In my on-campus classes, we will do this in class and you will also do one for a Lab assignment. You just need to be sure to bring a COMPLETE rough draft on the editing date per the Course Schedule.

7. Your rough draft will be peer-edited by one of your classmates (see above) (see Course Schedule. You will submit this edited draft with your paper.

8. Revise and edit rough draft

9. Answer the following questions at the end of your final copy of your essay

• What are the differing viewpoints expressed in your group? (this is from the Discussion Board in online)(will be done in class on-campus)

• How did you incorporate those views in your essay?

• What was your role in your group (again Discussion Board for online students)(In-class discussion)? How did you work together to accomplish your goal?

The following questions with student’s written responses – attached at the end of the Research Paper (for Personal Responsibility Objective)

• What are the consequences of choosing to plagiarize?
• How do one’s personal values influence the decision to plagiarize/not plagiarize?
• How did you avoid plagiarism in your essay?

10. Submit the paper to Safe Assign (instructions provided). Cut and paste the Safe Assign Results Sheet to a Microsoft Document. This is for on-campus students.
11. Submit the following in one attachment (for online students, you submit the following in one attachment directly to Safe Assign. For on-campus students, this is submitted in a packet):
a. Checksheet (online)/Grade Sheet (on-campus)

b. Safe Assignment Results sheet (on-campus only)
c. Final copy of essay
d. Works Cited page
e. Rough draft (both online and on-campus)
f. Peer-edited draft of your paper (if online, you can cut and paste this from one of the two peer-editing assignments)(if on-campus use the one done in class)

g. Outline (this is a copy of your original outline, and yes you will receive a second grade for submitting it. If you do not submit it, you will not receive second outline credit).

Hunger games symbolism Additional Requirements:

QUOTATION (SEE Little Brown):

1. Brief quote: Students must include at least one brief quote.
2. Extended quote: Students must include at least one extended quote, following correct MLA form.

How to Find Sources using the NC Databases

1. Go to NC Library page (on the NC website).
2. Click on resources.
3. Click on databases.
4. Go to General.
5. Click on LexisNexis, ERIC, or ProQuest.
6. You will log in with your password and date of birth.
7. Type in your topic.
8. Look for peer-edited (you can click on a button) sources. You must find no less than four secondary sources using these databases. You will also have one or more primary sources. You must use and cite these sources with in-text citations as well as on the Works Cited (see sample Works Cited).

Quotation, Paraphrase, and Summary: Brown, Ch. 51-56 for how to include these, refer to Ch. 56 for in-text citations.

How to Upload an Essay to Safe Assign

For Students

• Step 1: Login to Blackboard.

• Step 2: Click on your English/Composition course.

• Step 3: Once you are in your English/Composition course shell, locate and click on the tab on the left-hand side of your screen where your instructor informed you to upload your essay. Your instructor will give you the specific name of the tab as he or she has named it.

• Step 4: Locate the name of the essay assignment and click on “View/Complete.”

• Step 5: Click on the “Browse” button and upload your essay from your flash drive or desktop. Be sure to upload the correct document. (This step is very much like attaching a document to an e-mail.)

• Step 6: Click “Submit.” You may logout of Blackboard at this point.

• Step 7: To view your Safe Assign Report (which sometimes takes several hours to process) log back into Blackboard and click on your English/Composition course. Once you are in your English/Composition course shell, click on the “My Grades” tab located on the left-hand side of the screen. Locate the name of the assignment and open the report which looks like a green scroll with a check mark. You may also view your Safe Assign Report where you uploaded it.

Hunger games symbolism

Suggested Research Paper Topics:
Possible The Hunger Games topics:
Character analysis Political ramifications Special Effects
Family relationships Themes Costuming
Symbolism Film vs. book
Possible Midsummer Night’s Dream topics:
Women Supernatural
The Quest. What is the quest(s)?
Hero. Who is the hero?
Fairy Mythology

Topics not related to MND include (there are many others; these are just suggestions):
Family in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”; an analysis of the characters in “Everyday Use”
Quilts: what do they symbolize in American culture? In Walker’s story?
The theme of revenge in Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado”; how does Poe relate to modern horror?
Cultural heritage in Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds”; character analysis in “Two Kinds”




Sample Works Cited

Booth, Robert. “Vengeful Daughter How Lizzie Borden got away with murder”American History
47.6 (Feb. 2013) 46-53. LexisNexis. Web. 10 Oct. 2014.
Carlson, A Cheree. “The Lizzie Borden Murder Trial: Womanhood as Asset and Liability (Fall
1892).”Historical Journal of Massachusetts. 38.2 (Fall 2010): 17-XI. ProQuest. Web. 10 Oct. 2014.
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Essay on American History 2010


Hunger games symbolism

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