Human Resources Management (HRM)

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“Employment relations can be defined as ‘the study of the regulation of the employment relationship between employer and employee, both collectively and individually’.” (Truss, Mankin, Kelliher, 2012) In order to support strategic goals and objectives of the business, there is a need to understand how the business will manage its employee relationships. The business does this by concentrating its efforts on certain aspects that contribute towards employee relations.

The business uses employee involvement to their advantage, and champion certain features of decision making to improve its relations and engagement; this helps the employees have a ‘voice’ in the strategies of the business. For example, each depot has a health and safety representative who is from the shop floor. Health and safety is an important aspect of employee relations as employees require a safe place to work. By utilising a shop floor member of staff relations can be improved (as there is a direct means of communication), and standards and objectives of the business can be relayed easier to all staff.

Other decision that are made to support strategic goals with respects to employee relationships can be as follows:

Whether to involve trade union in discussions
How to manage the talent in the business
Can reward be an aspect of performance for employees
As described by Singh (2011:156), employee relations are concerned with ensuring that employee relationships are a defining contributory factor towards preventing and resolving problems, maximizing productivity, and improving job satisfaction and staff morale. If employee relationships are effectively managed then there is the ability to improve operational efficiencies which will in turn improve employee conditions such as pay.

Does anyone feel that the trade union intervention improves employee relations or alternatively have an adverse effect?

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