Human Resources Management (HRM)

Assume that you are the plant manager for a manufacturing company. For years, the firm’s low-wage workers have complained about their pay and general working conditions. They have presented you with a list of demands and have signed a petition supporting their demands as well as threatened to quit if their demands are not met. You know the following:
• Another low-wage manufacturer in the area is about to close down
• The corporation that owns the manufacturing company is about to implement a reduction strategy
• General employment rates are also growing

You have two choices:


1. Meet with all of the workers, inform them of the things that he or she knows, and advise them to back off their demands.
2. Do nothing and see what happens. This may result in some (but not all) of the workers quitting.

• What are the ethical issues in this situation?
• What are the basic arguments for each course of action?

Last Updated on January 25, 2018