Human Resources Management (HRM)

Section one: 40% Circa 1000 -1500words (300-500 words per candidate)
Individually, you must undertake a performance analysis of the candidates. This analysis will draw on:
A completed paper based analysis of each of the candidates’ CVs and covering letters. To aid you, you must use the criteria you wrote for assessment one (place the criteria and completed scoring sheet for each candidate in the Appendices).
A completed performance based analysis of each of the candidates during the interview. For this you will need to draw on the ‘interview’ questions & grading system, you mutually agreed within your 5 person team during Week 10 of the module. (place the completed grading sheet for each candidate in the Appendices). BUT ……..
Once you have undertaken these analyses of the candidates you must write a critical reflection on the top two candidates’ ability to do the job focusing specifically on each candidate’s knowledge and experiences of leadership, creating excellent group dynamics, and motivating, engaging and satisfying staff. In so doing, you must show evidence of drawing upon the analysis instruments and academic theory to provide a strong level of critique. It would be best to integrate this into your 4-500 words per candidate.

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