HR 1681 Women Veterans & Health Services Act of 2017

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Legislative Process Review

Student Name: _______________________________ Grade: _______________
To develop an understanding of legislative and political processes at the state and national levels of government.
Select one proposed health care legislation at the state or federal level in which you are interested. This requires approval of the course faculty. Provide a direct link to the legislation.
Write a minimum of six complete pages, up to a maximum of eight pages as a summary (text) regarding this bill using the grading criteria below. Beyond the text, the paper should include a cover page, abstract with key words, and reference list.
Please provide the faculty member with a direct hyperlink to the website for the legislation so that they may review and assist you with your choice.

Some Examples of Websites to Explore for a Health Care Bill: These are just some examples of websites to visit for ideas for health policies.
Faculty recommend that students look for bills on the following websites for federal bills:
Gov Track US
6 pages not including reference page or abstract. research articles preferred.

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