Guidelines for Marketing Project
Project Summary
You are to complete a marketing plan for a new business of your choice, as if you are
starting a new hospitality business. This is for the Las Vegas market.
Important Tips
• Apply the marketing knowledge you have learned in class to your project. This will
help you develop a strong marketing plan, and will also give you a higher grade.
• Stay focused: Only present directly relevant information in your paper.
• Be as specific as possible. For example, instead of saying the prices will differ across
order sizes, give specific numbers (1: $10, 2: $18, etc.)
• Provide an argument for your decisions. For example, if you are going to charge $20
for your service, also state
why you think that price is reasonable or optimal.
Choosing a Business
For your business, a completely new hospitality good or service would be best, but at a
minimum, it has to be something currently not offered in Las Vegas.
A few pointers to keep in mind when choosing a business (simply suggestions – not
requirements – for what have made good projects in the past):
• Something small. This will help you be more focused and make it easier for you to apply
marketing concepts in straightforward manner.
• Start with your own problem – is there a need that you have as a consumer that is not
met by any product/service in current market?
Term Report Paper Format
• Minimum Length: 10 pages
• Include a title page and a table of contents page.
• Line height: double
• Font size: 12
• Margins: 1 inch
• Use complete and proper sentences
• Deductions made for incorrect grammar (make use of the UNLV Writing Center if you
have concerns)

Project Contents
The Business
Start by selecting a business.
o Identify a marketing idea – an unsatisfied consumer need (please see the
above section for pointers on choosing a business).
o Creative thinking is encouraged, but your plan must be realistic and
executable. Respect reasonable constraints (i.e. resources) and
environmental forces (i.e. the economy).
o Once you discover a consumer need and a target market, describe what
good(s) or services(s) you plan to offer to satisfy this need.
o Maybe include a Perceptual Map showing your proposed business relative to
existing ones.
Market Situation
• Analyze your target market.
• Who are they? What are they like? What are their needs?
• Including the size and growth of the market.
• Environmental Forces: describe any of the social, economic, technological, competitive,
and regulatory trends that may be pertinent to the performance of your business, both
currently and in the future. Apply concepts from your textbook, chapter 3.
• Include a SWOT analysis
The Marketing Mix
• Specify and describe the proposed decisions for each marketing mix element (the 4 Ps)
• Product: Your offerings. What is the need you discovered, and how will you satisfy
it? Since you would have already described your product/service in earlier sections,
you need only briefly summarize it here
• Price: Describe how you will price your product/service offering and why
• Promotion: What is your promotion strategy and why
Place: How will your company deliver its product/service to customers (e.g., where
are you located? What is your online presence? How will they buy or book? Etc.) and

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