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  1. Discuss the changes in architecture, sculpture, and painting that revolutionized art in the Italian Renaissance. Why were these changes so different from what came before? To what extent did the transformation of each of these art forms interact and overlap? Focus on two masters of art, or architecture, or sculpture and discuss why their work was considered revolutionary.

Renaissance Art

2.In what ways did the art and philosophy of the Italian Renaissance reinforce each other?(This would mean that you would have to explain and define the philosophy and the art styles of the renaissance.)


  1. What was the long-term significance of the rise of the Ottoman Empire and the Muslim conquest of Constantinople? Discuss the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire at its height . How long did it last, and why was that significant?


  1. Ferdinand Magellan , Bartholomeu Dias. Vasco DeGama, and Prince Henry the Navigator: Why were they significant in the “New World” what was each one famous for ?  How did they change the face of the world?


  1. Discuss the books assertion that “printing was as much a result as it was a cause of thespread of ideas” in the 16th century. What developments facilitated the printing revolution of this period?


6.Martin Luther’s radical theology advanced the concept of a priesthood of allbelievers. Discuss the meaning and significance of this concept. Why did Luther’sreligion appeal to such various groups as humanists, tradesmen, and women?

  1. Assess the contention that Catholicism was actually stronger after theProtestant Reformation than it was before it


  1. Compare and Contrast the lives of Sir Thomas More and Erasmus. How did their distinct approaches to relationships with secular leaders lead these men in different direction?  What, within their approaches, appealed to the people?


9.Compare Isabella of Castile to the wives of Henry VIII. What role did women play in state-building in the sixteenth century?  How did the fact that Isabella of Castille was Henry 8th’s mother in law affect the role that Catherine, his first wife played in England?


  1. Read the excerpt of Machiavelli’s The Prince explain his views on human nature, and how it influenced political thought. How would this philosophy help or hurt a politician in a modern democratic society?


11.Research the rule of Elizabeth I, Catherine de Medici, Marie de Medici, Anne of Austria, and Queen Christina, and lead a discussion on advantages and disadvantages of being a female head of state in the early modern period.

History Term Paper Questions

12. How did the discoveries of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Harvey, Leibnitz, Descartes, Newton, and others overturned centuries-old assumptions about the nature of the universe and mankind’s special place in it?  What risks did these men take within their time period?  What were the consequences of speaking out about their discoveries?Choose 2 of the aforementioned scientists, and explain what each man was famous for, and why it was a revolutionary idea.


  1. Choose one subject such as the human image, depictions of kings, landscapes, religious images, nature, common people, or architecture; and show the changes of representation in Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque, and Classical paintings.


14Research Peter the Great’s fascination with Western advances. Did the influence of western Europe, as brought to bear upon Russian society by Peter, improve the lives of ordinary Russians?  Was Peter  right to try to modernize Russia?  [explain]


  1. Read passages from Locke’s Second Treatise of Civil Government& Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence  What assumptions about human nature did these writers share? What kinds of relationships between the sovereign and the people did they propose? Compare Locke’s theory of Natural Rights with the principles stated in the Declaration of Independence.


  1. Read passages from Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. What was his interpretation of human nature? What were his views on the new forms of capitalist organization whose emergence he witnessed?

History of Environmental Political Thought Part 1

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