History questions

 Answer each question or series of questions with a response, two- to three-paragraphs long. Make sure your response answers the questions and uses only materials from the lectures, discussions and the readings. Some of the questions make direct reference to the readings. Explain your answers—go into some detail, about a few paragraphs. Your response should be typed out, single-spaced, and printed out. On the top of the exam place your name, the class name (World History to 1500), and the time the class meets..


The Exam


  1. The Poem of Cid depicts rather effectively the feudal relationship between lord and vassal in the High Middle Ages (1000-1300). How is the social institution portrayed in El Cid’s relationship with King Alfonso? With his own men?
  2. Using Fulcher of Chartres’s account of the Council of Clermont, explain how the pope’s calling of the First Crusade can be seen as a way of coopting the violence of the feudal system?
  3. Name three of the sophisticated business techniques developed by Italian merchants and bankers from 1100 to 1350. How did these techniques change medieval trade in Western Europe?
  4. In what ways did the Fourth Crusade contribute to the rise of Venice as a maritime power and to its monopoly of the spice trade?
  5. Why did the emperors after Zhu Di stop the expeditions of the great Treasure Ships? What short-term and long-term impacts did this policy have on Chinese society?
  6. In what ways did medieval kings in Western Europe seek to increase their power over their their realms?
  7. Name two reasons other than Columbus’s discovery of the New World why the date 1492 remains an important date in Spanish history. Explain your answer.
  8. What were the main goals for Zhu Di’s sponsoring of the Treasure Fleets from 1405 to 1433? How did these goals differ from those of emperors from previous dynasties?
  9. What were the three main tenets of the chivalric code? How did these tenets supposedly guide the behavior of medieval knights?
  10. What role did Spanish women have in medieval society as depicted in The Poem of the Cid? Use examples from the reading to explain your answer.


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