Hewlett-Punning Case

Questionnaire Design Sampling and Sample Size

Text book used Basic Marketing Research by Naresh K. Malhotra

1. Critically evaluate the HP questionnaire using the principles of Questionnaire Design Sampling .

2. Evaluate the questionnaire you have developed .

3. HP wants to conduct a telephone survey to determine how it can attract more families to HP PCs and notebooks. Design the sampling process.

Applied Problems

1. The management of a local restaurant wants to determine the average monthly amount spent by households in fancy restaurants. management wants to be 95% confident of the findings and does not want the error to exceed plus or minus$5.

a. After the survey was conducted, the average expenditure was found to be$90.30 and the standard deviation was $45. construct a 95% confidence interval.

b. What sample size would have resulted in a SD of $45?

2. To determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign for a new digital video recorder, management would like to know what % of the households is aware of the new brand. the advertising agency thinks that this figure is as high as 70%. The management would like a 95% confidence interval and a margin of error no greater than plus or minus 2 %.

a. What sample size should be used for this study?

b. Suppose that management wanted to by 99% confident, but could tolerate an error of plus or minus 3%. Howerror of the mean

3. Assuming that n=100 and Q=5 , compute the SD

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