Hewlett-Punning Case


Hewlett-Punning Case

Project description

#1. Develop an ordinal scale to measure preferences for HP and two other competing brands in social media.

#2. Perform the following operations:

a. Reverse the scoring of the second and the third items under Innovativeness scale.

b.sum the Market Maven items (q10-1 to q10-4) to form a total Market Maven Score.

C. Sum the Innovativeness items(q10-5 to q10-10) to form a total Innovatieness Score. Note that you will have to reverse the scores for the negatively worded items (q10-6 and q10-7) before summing.

d. Sum the Opinion Leadership items (q10-11 to q10-13) to form a Total opinion Leadership score.

e. Compute Cronbach’s alpha for each of these three sets of items.

#2. Design Likert, semantic differential, and Stapel scales to measure consumers’ preferences for HP computers.

Text book used: Basic Marketing Research

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