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Help Essay. The purpose of this paper is to present students with a more comprehensive look at the determinants of health and aging through the use of the ecological model. In this paper, you will work individually to identify a health issue impacting an older population (individuals 65 years and older) and the determinants of this health condition as expressed in the ecological model (physical environment, social environment, health behaviors, biologic factors). Then you will propose a public health intervention to better address these determinants.Note:The health condition may be psychological (e.g. depression) or physical (e.g. heart disease). Help Essay

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Applying the Ecological Model, Help Essay

Help Essay, Once you have identified the demographics of your elderly population (e.g. race/ethnicity, gender), then you will conduct a literature review to determine what some of the determinants of the health conditions are, according to the ecological model. For example, there is evidence of a biologic factor associated with Alzheimer’s disease and early onset. There is also evidence that nutrition (health behavior) may also be associated with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. You may not find evidence for some of the factors in the ecological model, so those areas do not need to be discussed in the final paper.



Content for Final Project, Help Essay

  1. You will be expected to research and write a final paper that is based on an extensive literature search and analysis, and includes the following content:
  • Abstract (see APA Manual for requirements)
  • Demographics of your elderly population (e.g. gender, race and/or ethnicity)
  • Identification of a health problem (psychological or physical) with statistics/data (prevalence, incidence, mortality rates, morbidity rates) etc.



  • Discussion of factors in the ecological model that have been applied to help describe those contributing factors (e.g. physical environment: housing; social environment: social networks; biologic factors: genetics; socioeconomic status; psychological: social control)
  • Proposed levels of intervention that would address each factor in the ecological model previously discussed
  1. At least 15 journal articles published within the past 5 years must be cited in the final paper to support the content elements listed above, and justify your proposed intervention
  2. A reference list must be included, presented in APA format (see below)




Format, Help Essay

  1. The manuscript must be typed, double-spaced, in 12 point font size.
  2. Number all pages at the bottom center of the page (beginning with the first page of the text).
  3. The margins must be 1½ in. on the left and 1 in. at the right, top, and bottom.
  4. American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual (6th Edition) must be used for all reference citations and for editorial style (punctuation, numbers, capitalization, etc.).
  5. A cover page which lists the following information must be placed at the front of the final paper:
  • Your name
  • Older population being discussed
  • Health issue being addressed
  • Instructor’s name
  • Course number
  • Date





  • The demographics of your elderly population (gender, race and/or ethnicity)African Americans
  • The health condition (heart disease, depression, lung cancer), and


  • One (1) determinant of the health condition according to the ecological model (physical environment, social environment, health behaviors, biologic factors)social environment


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