Health Policy Scholarly Article Critique

Scholarly Article Critique on Health Care Policy 

1. Select one scholarly article published in a peer-reviewed journal within the last 5 years that proposes or discusses a policy related solution to a health or health care problem.

Practicing Corona – Towards a research agenda of health policies

Ideally choose an article addressing a topic related to your practice challenge of interest so you can use it as a source of evidence supporting your change proposal assignment. If you are not ready to identify evidence supporting your topic, choose a general health policy article.

You can ensure a journal is peer-reviewed by limiting your library database search to peer-reviewed journals only; reviewing the source or publication details in the library database; or checking the journal’s web site in an “About the Journal” or other journal overview tab.

2. Consider the following questions as you read the article. Depending on the health policy article you select, the answers may be explicitly stated or you might have to infer them.

What is the health-related problem this policy/article intended to address?

Who are the upstream and downstream stakeholders mentioned in the article?

Think about structures/processes/outcomes related to this policy.

What stakeholders are involved in each of these areas – are there any stakeholders who should have been considered in the article but were not?

What are the outcomes the authors/researchers expect related to this policy or policy change?

What solution or innovation did the policy/article propose?

What evidence do the authors offer to support the solution or innovation?

Did the solution or innovation logically fit with the problem as stated (or implied)?

Did the solution or innovation logically fit with the desired outcome(s)?

3. After you have considered the questions in #2 about your article, write a no more than three-page critique of the health policy article. Use APA format and style for the paper. The APA title page and references page do not count toward the two pages of content. Include a 3 to 6 sentence paragraph for each of these areas:

Introduction – Describe the health-related problem, the innovation or solution the policy suggests (what is the policy saying to do?), and the outcomes resulting from the policy change.

Stakeholders – Describe any key stakeholders explicitly mentioned. If you think of additional stakeholders not mentioned, list or describe them. Comment if all of the needs or interests of the stakeholders (implicit or inferred) were addressed, or if there are other stakeholder considerations that need to be incorporated.

Rigor of Proposal – Comment if scholarly evidence was provided to support the solution or innovation?

If so, comment on the quality of that evidence. If no evidence was provided, note what missing data would increase the rigor of the policy change.

Conclusion – Conclude your paper by reflecting on the strengths weaknesses of the solution or innovation. Also, reflect on any opportunities or threats related to the implementation of this solution or innovation.2

4. Submit your completed paper in Canvas assignments.


To stay within the 3-page content limit, aim to be very precise and succinct in your comments.

Synthesize and summarize key concepts from the article. No block quotes.

Since the paper is brief (maximum three pages of content), you may wish to omit headings and design your paper to have one paragraph per required content area (Introduction, Stakeholders, Rigor of Proposal, and Conclusion).

Each paragraph should have a minimum of three sentences, but no more than five or six sentences.

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Health Policy Scholarly Article Critique

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