Health Care Essay

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Each student will research a disease and write a paper over it. It should be a minimum of four pages and maximum of five pages. You must have at least five sources cited (your works cited page does not count as a page). It should be in APA format • Tell your reason for choosing the disease. Reasons for choosing could be that you or a family member as been affected by these disease or that you just want to learn more about it • Discuss the history of the disease (when and where it was discovered, and by whom). • State information about the disease (cause, signs, symptoms, ways to diagnose, prognosis,treatment, and prevention).• Include statistical information about the disease (incidence, prevalence, morbidity, and mortality, rates.)
Additional Information:
o What does a patient with this disease go through daily? What do the family members/care takers go through daily?
o In addition to physical problems, how does it affect their mental and emotional state?
o What are some limitations, barriers, freedoms lost, and stressors associated with the disease? o Whataspectsoflifemightthepatienthavetakenforgrantedbeforethediagnosis?

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