Health Care

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This assignment should only be done on one page by answering the following questions within the scenario in a memo

EMR Implementation: Making Adjustments
You and your Director realize the HIM (Health Information Management) Department has a problem. RMC (Rasmussen Medical Center) has

implemented the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and while it is working pretty well, you have run into a snag. You have underestimated

the amount of paper documents that come from other sources not linked to your EMR. The scanning area is piling up with paper. There is

enough money in the department budget to either purchase another scanner or hire one FTE (Full Time Employee) to scan on second shift.

What are the pros and cons of each? Or is there another alternative? The Director asks you to decide on a solution by next week.

Deliverable 1:
In a memo to the Director, make your recommendation and justify your decision by listing your rationale in several bullet points.

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