Harper & Row Publishers v. Nation Enterprises

Harper & Row Publishers v. Nation Enterprises 471 U.S. 539 (1985)

After reading the legal opinion (Harper & Row Publishers v. Nation Enterprises 471 U.S. 539 (1985)) answer the following questions in question format. Put the question first, and then the answer in paragraph form, and then the next question and the next answer and so on.


1. Who are the parties to the lawsuit (more than name, some description)?

2. What events occurred to turn this into a legal dispute? In other words, what happened? What are the facts of the case?

3. What happened in the courts prior to the opinion you’ve just read?

4. What court rendered the decision you just read? In what year?

5. How did this decision come out? Who won? By what vote? Who wrote the majority opinion? Are there concurrences and/or dissents?

6. What did the court say should happen as a result of its decision? (e.g. the defendant should be free, or the case should be retried in the lower court, etc.)

7. Why did the majority of the court decide the way that it did? What key precedents did it rely upon in its opinion? What policy reasons did it mention?

8. How do the concurrences, if there are any, add to what the majority has to say?

9. How do the dissents, if there are any, disagree with the majority?

10. What does this opinion likely mean for similar cases to be decided by the courts? In other words, what precedent will this decision set for future cases?

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