Hardware Basics and PC Repair tools

For this project, you are to create a 1200+ word report. The first part of the report is to write about what you learned in Chapter 6

regarding the technologies used inside a hard drive and how a computer communicates with a hard drive. You should include an introductory

paragraph on this topic (hard drive technologies). Then, include a couple paragraphs or so of information on hard drive technologies, and

about communicating with hard drives. Lastly, include a conclusion paragraph explaining how important it is for A+ Certified support

technicians to have a good understanding of hard drive technologies. This part of your assignment should be about 400 – 500 words long,

and it should include 1+ source reference, including the textbook.

The second part of the Module 3 project is written in the same report on the next page. This part is about Chapter 7. Specifically, you

will write about what you learned from the chapter about the general approach taken by A+ Certified support technicians to install and

support I/O – input / output – devices. You are to explain why it is important to understand how to install and support input / output

devices. This portion of your report should be about 400 – 500 words long. Again, write an introductory paragraph on this part of the

assignment (on a new page in the same report, but before the references page). Then, write 400 – 500 words on this subject. Include 1+

source references, including the textbook.

The last part of the Module 3 report is written on a new page following the Chapter 7 portion of the assignment. This part covers Chapter

10, specifically I want you to discuss printer types and features. Provide an introductory paragraph about why it is important for A+

Certified support technicians to be able to support printers. Then, provide a couple paragraphs of material on various printer types

(laser and inkjet), and some of the key features of both. Lastly, include a conclusion on this subject. This portion of the report should

also be 400 – 500 words long, and include 1+ source references.

The references for all sections of this report are placed on the last page of the report, and each source should be cited in the report.

Remember that the assignment should be 1200+ words in length. Cumulatively, you should have 3+ source references, including the book. You

can include more if you want. Grammar, content, and organization all count in every assignment in this class.

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