Google and future of computing

Google and future of computing

Business and Management

Case Study Instructions:

For your final case study, you need to write a 2500 word essay about Google and the future of computing.

While Google is best known for their search and advertising features, they actually have a multi-billion dollar research and development department that works on technologies ranging from self-guided cars to renewable energy.

Your task is to research Google and discover at least 5 technologies they have developed (or are currently developing), other than the search and advertising features that we are already familiar with.

You need to write at least one full page (500 words) about at least 5 different Google technologies, for a total of a 2500 word essay.

Make sure you write in your own words, while also listing your references at the end of your essay. For each technology, summarize the technology and discuss the impacts (both positive and negative) that the technology is likely to have on society. If there are any ethical issues or dilemmas related to the technology, be sure to discuss those, as well.

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