Global Warming

Global Warming – is it our fault that our planet is dying or a natural course of existance?

This week 4, we begin to plan our Research Paper #2 in APA style
. See APA Style Checklist on the left-hand side bars, and click on it to make sure you are not missing any steps.You will also find the APA Checklist in your Lectures folder
For such work, there are APA Writing style exercises that you will be completing in these two weeks, in order to refresh concepts.
Also read the Chapters of your eBook that remind you of this type of writing style (APA).

DUE DATE for RESEARCH PAPER #2 end of Week 6

1. Specs for Research Paper #2
• 3-4 pages
• APA style (see samples in Lectures folder Week 5)
• Choose a topic that you have always wanted to research and learn more about, but have never had the time to do so.
• DO NOT select any topic from the old list that we used for Research Paper #1.
• Your may use citations from journals, reviews, recent news items with proper quotes and dates, quotes and comments from experts in the field with appropriated accreditation (complete name and title), first-hand recounts of someone who experienced your topic in real life, story telling, and your own life experiences- if you have any related to your topic of choice.


3. Topic suggestions for your last paper

a) Choose one that resonates with you or that you would like to investigate more about
b) Begin your brainstorming process by yourself and/or with a partner
c) Prepare your Outline and submit it for me to review

Global Warming – is it our fault that our planet is dying or a natural course of existance

Last Updated on January 23, 2018