Global health and literature

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This week we reviewed health and immigration. I hope you enjoyed the TEDTalk video presentation by a Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie. In the video Adichie talks about the dangers of a “single story”. This is an important video because it challenges the views we tend to have about any issue. As health care professionals we certainly have the tendencies of viewing things through a single story.

  1. Write a discussion essay on “The danger of a single story”
    1. Summarize the video in your own words.
    2. Address why Adichie deems a “single story” as dangerous.
    3. Provide an example from your own experience.
    4. When you think about your line of work, how do you think you project “single story” on others? I am regisistered nurse- specialized in Obstetrics)
    5. When reflecting on migration and migrants and Adichie presentation, how do you think our perceptions influence our views and practice in the health care setting?
  2. Include a strong conclusion.
  3. Do not forget to reference at the very least Adichie’s presentation along with any other sources you use.
  4. The minimum number of word for this assignment is 700.
  5. Make sure to cite all sources of information or data that are not your own.
  6. Use APA style for both in text citation and in the reference section.


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