Geography Coursework

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1)What is the only landlocked country in East Asia? Describe its physical features.
2)Where are the four main river basins in China Proper?
3)What are the three main benefits of the Three Gorges Dam? What are three of the negative impacts?
4)What was significant about the Han and Qing Dynasties? When did dynastic rule end in China?
5)What was the three-way split in China about? What happened to each of the three groups?
6)What are SEZs? Where would we find them in China? Why are they located where they are located?
7)Which region of China has the highest population density? Why do they live here rather than in other areas of China?
8)What policy has China implemented to help curb population growth? What are some of the results of these policies?
9)What where the three main historical objectives in China’s geopolitical situation?
10)Why does Taiwan have a different government from mainland China? What type of government does it have?
11)Who is the Dalai Lama? Where did the Dalai Lama rule? Where is the Dalai Lama today?
12)What climate types are found in Japan? How does climate type correspond to population?
13)How did Japan become an economic superpower after 1945?
14)Why are thousands of US soldiers positioned on the DMZ?
15)How would South Korean soap operas pose a serious threat to North Korea?

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